How To Download Teen Patti Star Apk? Get Sign-up Bonus 1299

How To Download Teen Patti Star Apk?



It is also known as Teen Patti Star Apk. The existence of Teen Patti (How to play Teen Patti Star Apk) dates back to the 1970s and 1980s when people used to gather with their friends in the evening to play Teen Patti Star Apk.

Teen Patti Star Apk had an undeniable presence in history and even today it continues to rule the world of card games in India. This is because recent advancements in smartphones and gambling technology have allowed players to enjoy the game with others from the comfort of their own home.

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What Is Teen Patti Star Apk?

Teen Patti Star Apk is defined as “Tree Card” in Hindi. The origins of Teen Patti  Star Apk can be traced to 16th century Britain, where the game of Three Card Brag was first played.

Today, the game of Teen Patti Star Apk, as we know it, is a simplified version of poker that is popular in India as well as South Asia. It is usually played in groups of 2 to 10 players and uses a standard deck of 52 cards without jokers.

How To Play Teen Patti Star Apk?

The rules of Teen Patti Star Apk online (Teen Patti online game) are somewhat similar to the rules of poker games with minor differences. The game is usually played between 4-7 players with a deck of 52 cards. The objective of the game is to make the highest ranking hand combination with three cards to increase the prize pool and winnings. Take a look at the rules of Teen Patti Star Apk and how to play this game.


Teen Patti Star is a card game that requires skill, strategy. The main objective is to win the best three-card hand and the pot, which includes the bets submitted by the players.


A standard 52-card deck is used in Teen Patti Star Apk, usually without jokers. The cards are sorted in a specific order, with A being the highest card, followed by K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.


Each player is dealt three cards, and play progresses in a clockwise direction. The game offers various betting rounds, where players can choose to place bets depending on their confidence in the strength of their hand.

Rules Of Teen Patti Star Apk


  • At the beginning of the game, each player contributes a sum of money as boot money, and then the dealer deals three cards to each player.
  • The round of Teen Patti star Apk starts with the player sitting next to the dealer, and play progresses in a clockwise direction.
  • A player can choose to place a bet without looking at his cards (blind player) or after looking at his cards (sighted player).
  • A blind player may change to a blind player during the second round of play.
  • A blind player must place at least the minimum bet. A scene player has to bet twice the minimum bet amount.
  • The player with the highest hand combination wins in Teen Patti Star Apk.
  • show

Bets Continue In The Game Until One Of The Following Circumstances Occurs:

  • If all players except one fold, the remaining player wins the pot, regardless of cards in hand.
  • If all players except two turn, a player may request show. If a player requests show, both players must show their cards to determine the winning hand. The hand ranking chart is followed to determine which player wins.
  • Only a blind player can ask for a show of four times the current bet from a blind player. If both players are sight players, one player may call for show by betting double the current bet.

Words Used in Teen Patti Star



Boot 3 cards is the bet to win, the entry fee or the pot. The boot is the minimum amount placed on the board, which is equal to the total amount contributed by each player before the dealer deals out cards. Therefore, ante or boot is a forced bet to encourage play.


If a player misses the boot/ante and enters the game after the boot, the player must ‘post’ to enter the game. According to Teen Patti Star Apk rules, when the player misses his turn the post amount of the next hand must be equal to the boot. If the player who would normally post as per Teen Patti Star Apk rules is also in the ante, it is not necessary to post. Also called King Kong, Cowboy or Ace Magnet.

Stake amount

The bet that the blind player places for the next player is called the bet amount. If the visible player bets, the bet amount becomes half the amount for the next player. In the case where the next player is the blind player, the bet is equal to the amount of the bet or double the amount of the bet.

Blind player

A player who chooses not to look at his cards and plays blind is called a blind player. A blind player may play the blind, pack and show if available. The blind amount is equal to the current stake amount multiplied by the current stake amount. If the blind player is also the first player, the current stake is equal to the boot amount.

Visual artist

The player who has seen his cards is called the seen player. The Scene Player can play moves, packs, shows or slide shows depending on the stage of the game.


To remain in the game the scene player must play the trick or slide show, if available. To play the trick, the player places a bet into the pot, equal to two or four times the current bet amount. The amount of the bet is equal to the amount placed by the previous player if that player is the blind player. However, if the previous player is a visible player, the amount of the bet is equal to half the amount placed by that player.



Teen Patti Star Apk is a very good game, earlier it was played with cards, but today we can play this game on our phones also. Many people like to play cards or gambling, Teen Patti Star Apk is very good for them, with the help of this app it becomes very easy to play Teen Patti Star Apk . So if you liked our information (How to play Teen Patti Star apk ), then like and share this post as much as possible.

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